Ishikawa Foreign Residents Employment Support Desk

Recommended seminars and events that foreign exchange students can participate in

Students who are proficient in Japanese may also participate in events geared towards local Japanese students.
Please look at Job Navi Ishikawa for more information.

To students who would like to find a job within Ishikawa (Japan)

We will introduce you to the job-hunting process that local students go through in Japan.
Undergraduate students in their fourth year and graduate students in their second year generally start attending interviews and job hunting full time in spring. However, most students begin their search the year before between summer and autumn.

[ The main steps involved in job-hunting ]

  • self-analyzing
  • research into industries and occupations, internships
  • company information sessions
  • submission of ‘entry sheet’ applications

We recommend that you participate in social mixer events between students and employees working in companies within the prefecture and in company internships in order to figure out what job might suit you and to learn more about Japanese society and Japanese companies.

In order to become employed in Japan, foreigners are required to get a visa, and foreigners may not always be employed in the same way as Japanese students in all kinds of work.
What you are majoring in at University and the job description from the company you would like to work at will determine whether you can be employed there or not.

Job counselling

Those who are looking to be employed by companies within Ishikawa may contact the following support staff who will help with job counselling and job hunting.

List of companies with interest in hiring foreign students